About Freddie Med

Mission statement

We believe that clinical operating systems should be simple, affordable and easily accessible to anyone who needs them. We don’t like data silos. They lead to fragmentation and underutilisation of medical information and increase the cost of healthcare. That is why all Freddie Med users are part of one global network organised by complex data sharing rules.

Our mission is to provide every licensed provider with our free account as well as enable and promote global, patient-centric healthcare collaboration.


Freddie Med launched in the UK in 2021. As of the start of 2022, the system was available in 10 countries with patients across the globe.

Who we are

We are an international team of engineers, designers, doctors supported by a team of data privacy lawyers dedicated to building outstanding technology.

Freddie Med is a UK – Portuguese company with offices in London, Lisbon and Porto. Freddie Med is registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office, registration number: ZA540462. Freddie Med complies with GDPR.