For patients

Trusted by your medical team

Freddie Med is a clinical operating system chosen by your healthcare provider to manage your medical data.

Freddie Med is a next generation, patient-centric healthcare technology fulfilling the highest security and usability standards. It was build using privacy by design principles, protecting your data privacy and providing you with full control.

Control access to your medical information

At any time, you can decide to share or unshare your medical history with your practitioners. Each time you book an appointment, you will be asked whether to share you medical history or not.

Your entire record in one place

Whenever you visit a provider in our network, your clinical documents will be added to your unique record.

Add your children and other dependents

With Freddie Med, you can add dependent accounts for your children or other members of your family.

Manage your account from our user-friendly web app

Your demographics, GP information, your credit cards and more can easily be accessed and managed in your patient portal.

Latest tech to protect your data

We use the latest technologies including encryption, pseudonymisation, IP tracking, 2FA and back up your data daily.

Freddie Med was build to comply with GDPR

We are categorised under GDPR as a controller of patient data. This means that we will disclose the data we store about you, what we do with it and on what legal basis.

How it works?

1. Account creation

Freddie Med will create your record a the time of our first encounter. You will receive a notification with a link to the onboarding process. The onboarding process consists of legal documents from us und your clinical provider. We need you to read these documents carefully and accept them to proceed.

2. Entering payment details

If your provider chose to include a payment method, you will see a payment section where you need to provide credit card or insurance details. We don’t process your credit card details. This is done by Stripe, our secure payment gateway provider.

3. Pre-assessment information

Pre-assessment information can be added in the following page. You can describe your condition and attach reports, referral letters, images and other relevant documents.

4. Set password

To secure your account and access it at a later stage, you need to set a password.