Professional portal

A simple but powerful tool to run clinics, build innovative businesses and collaborate

The professional portal is the only access point you need. It allows you to manage your entire schedule and all your patients across multiple clinics.


The dashboard is designed to give you an overview over all schedules in your portfolio, whether you are working on your own, or have responsibility for a large number of clinicians. You have access to diary management tools, onboarding processes and ad hoc document creation for your patients.


Your schedule allows you to create feature-rich slots indicating your availability. Manage multiple workspaces and calendars through a user-friendly interface.

Video appointments

Video consultation are an integral part of our system. They can be scheduled and entered into without the need for addition software.


Worklists help you collaborate with your team and complete tasks on time.


Messaging is a system internal, end-to-end encrypted communicator that allows you to exchange sensitive information with other member in the global Freddie Med network.


The invoice builder allows you to create, preview, authorise, send and notify the patient in less than 30 seconds. We build in a lot of system support for clinical coding and electronic insurance invoicing.

Professional profile page

To introduce yourself to your patients, allow them to find you and book with you, we create search engine optimised profile pages. If you are building your business on Freddie Med with multiple clinician, your profile page is all you need to launch.

Patient online booking

If you have a public calendar slot, patients can book with you through the patient portal, your profile page or your own booking process.

Admin team

Whether you are joined by a secretary, an accountant or a receptionist, you can easily invite them to your workspace, set access privileges and customise their accounts.


Use our smart notification for colleagues and patients to ensure an efficient operation and save time.

Patient e-consent

We include your legal documents in the onboarding process and request patient consent prior to the encounter. Our version tracker ensures that the latest documents have been accepted by the patient.


Our technology was build to integrate. We use the latest international interoperability standards and are continuously extending the list of integrated technologies.

Apply your branding

Add your logo and background image to your profile and notifications.

Patient medical records

Use speciality specific forms and smart reporting tools to reduce admin time.


Create various types of templates and share them with your admin team.